Liquid & Larder think deeply about hospitality. We start with how we want people to feel in our spaces and build experiences from there. We believe that having fun is necessary, that feeling present and engaged through the senses is essential, and that no detail is too small to be reimagined, improved or perfected. Creating experiences that provide true escapism is achieved through intentional engagement with all of the senses, bringing people into the present and into our domain.

We look after people for a living. It’s the reason we get out of bed and work late into the morning. We look after guests visiting our spaces, creating environments where people feel instantly comfortable and welcomed as if into the home of a great friend. We also really care about the people that help make our spaces extraordinary. We know we’re only as good as the people we work with, so we prioritise their wellbeing and development as a key part of our business practice.

We create experiences that challenge expectations and disrupt the status quo. Our first restaurant venue Bistecca made headlines for all the right reasons. We’re not afraid to do things that challenge assumptions, invert expectations and make people pay attention. Liquid & Larder takes seemingly small things and makes them spectacular, and takes big ideas and hones them into curated experiences.


Warren 'Wazza' Burns

James 'Jimmy' Bradey

Kim 'Kimmy' McDiarmid

Dean 'Bubbles' Simpson

Shaun Lau

Pip Pratt

Mikey Hamiton

Alex 'Gondz' Gondzioulis

Kyle Poole

Liquid & Larder Head Office,
Level 1, 3 Barrack Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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